Stream Cinema Box For Chromecast Download To Watch Movies

Stream Cinema Box to Chromecast is the most popular app which has been setting up a high standard for streaming apps in the market. Cinema Box App and Chromecast combination offer an excellent feature for the users. Hence, it is available for most of the platforms such as Cinema Box for iOS, Cinema Box for Android, Windows, etc.

Though, Cinema Box Apk can be installed on Android smartphones (Tablets and Android mobile devices). But certain users would want to Stream Cinema Box to Chromecast to watch movies bigger screen, that’s when Chromecast comes handy.

Setting up Chromecast with Cinema Box Download can be used to enjoy the streaming of TV shows, movies, and other videos on a larger screen with ease. Here we will show you how to Cast Cinema Box movies to Chromecast and watch it on a bigger screen.

How To Stream & Cast Cinema Box To Chromecast

Streaming can be accessed to its full benefit of Cinema Box to Chromecast, with a Cinema box and a Casting app. Casting app may be one such as the Allcast installation setup. Through Cinema Box, the user can Cast Cinema Box Movies on TV using Chromecast.

Step 1: The Cinema Box App can be downloaded from below link, here we are providing ad-free Cinema Box Apk updated version for Smart TV’s

Cinema Box Apk Download

Step 2: AllCast can be installed after downloading from Google play store for Android and iTunes for iPhone or Mac devices.


Step 3: User must install Cinema Box Apk on their Android device

Step 4: Open the Installed Cinema Box App on one’s Android device

Step 5: The user must select your favourite movie that they want to watch. For getting quick search results, the user can make use of a search bar.

Step 6: The search results can then be seen on the screen, and the required movies, TV show can be selected by clicking on the poster of the search result.

Step 7: Once you select a movie in Cinema Box and hit “More Option.”


Step 8: Change video player to “Other Player…”


Step 9: Play video and open with “All Cast.”


Step 10: Select your Chromecast Player

Cinema Box to Chromecast can now be accessed with a new version of Cinema Box available for Chromecast, which does not require an MX player as the multimedia viewing app. It can be replaced with All Cast application.



Stream Cinema Box movies to Smart TV via Chromecast and All Cast app. it can be helpful in connecting various devices with ease since it supports devices like Samsung, Amazon fire tv, Xbox 360, apple tv, Sony, Roku, WD TV, Panasonic smart TV.

Chromecast has been an ergonomically and technologically sound device. Since the device is convenient and small with enormous benefits for the user, it provides a hassle-free operation of streaming videos through devices. The user can bid adieu to cables and the wires for connecting big screens to their handsets.

Cinema Box For Chromecast Highlights

Chromecast itself allows access to a wide variety of applications that relate to multimedia with which the users can stream TV series, videos, music, movies, and much more on external devices of their choice. Chromecast allows direct access to Cinema Box and can be helpful in accessing Showbox on LED screens or TV from user’s tablets, laptops, smartphones, Chromebooks, etc.

  • Cinema Box is a very easy and convenient application for users, and moreover, it is free of cost.
  • Cinema Box app for Chromecast comes with a huge library of old and new movies, TV series, music, videos, and much more.
  • Chromecast offers an amazing connectivity speed and fast play with a better Wi-Fi facility for the users.
  • Chromecast also enables the user to customize their LED screens or desktop. Moreover, it is ergonomically designed.
  • A decent internet connection can do wonders for Cinema Box with Chromecast.

Chromecast has taken technological advancement of the user’s comfort to the next level. It was developed by Google and has proved to be one of the successful innovations to run multimedia content on bigger screens and HD televisions. Showbox is another such innovation which when combined with

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Cinema Box is another such innovation which, when combined with Chromecast, offers an amazing experience to the user since Showbox is the streamer and free content provider to the user whereas Chromecast helps a user to enjoy those free content videos, movies, TV shows on bigger screens or high definition televisions.